Intergenerational McGill (formerly ‘Kathleen’s Friends’)


Intergenerational McGill is currently refining it’s Mission Statement and direction for summer 2018 and the next academic year in collaboration with the Office of the Dean of Students. On Thursday May 10th, we were fortunate enough to have the brilliant graphic artist and change-maker Jennifer Cooke facilitate a mission statement crafting session with us. A group of approximately 10 of our members showed up (even virtually) to co-think and co-create, with the goal being an agreed upon mission statement to build our initiative around.

Before our meeting next week with Dean of Students Christopher Buddle, we will have firmed up our vision statement and 1-pager to present ourselves and our goals to the university! IMG_3194A huge thank you goes out to Jennifer, who  came equipped with a multitude of sticky-notes, listened deeply, kept our diverse group on task, and helped us express the central purpose of Intergenerational McGill: to build a university of lifelong learning and living through interaction!


As Kathleen’s Friends, a group which operated September 2017 to May 2018, our aims were to improve student wellbeing on campus by promoting a positive relationship of exchange and care between younger and older learners. A gap currently exists between the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL), and the undergraduate and graduate student communities. As an effort to close this gap and facilitate fruitful, supportive encounters, our project will provide the physical and social space for interested parties to learn from one another, care for one another through friendship, and mutually benefit from the unique lived experiences and wisdoms each member brings to the table.

Our group has three main goals: (1) promote the integration of the MCLL and undergraduate and graduate students at McGill, (2) foster a new intergenerational ethic for learning and care on campus, and (3) support the good mental and social ‘hygiene’ of MCLL and non-MCLL students alike through a variety of community building, creative, and educational gatherings.

To meet the friends, go to our members page!

To learn about what we do at our meetings, visit our activities page!

We are very fortunate to have received $1,000 from the Mary H. Brown Fund, disbursed by the Office of the Dean of Students. While activities have changed slightly, you can see our full application here: Mary H. Brown Fund Application